Cloud Based Cancer Electronic Medical Record

OdysseyEMR™ is an oncology information management system that supports multidisciplinary teams across multiple sites to deliver the best care for your patients. OdysseyEMR™ provides for secure patient and treatment information management in complex environments.

Odyssey substantially reduces risk and improves safety for staff, the licensee and, most importantly the patient ;

  • Using nationally approved regimens as the basis for chemotherapy orders (EviQ)
  • Has links with the system to allow access tot he appropriate EviQ information page for a particular regimen
  • Requests a ‘reason for variation’ in an ordered regimen of dose or drug
  • The ‘Treatment Dashboard’ can report on significant variations (licensee defined) to chemotherapy orders in comparison to EviQ standards according to clinician, hospital, clinic; and by date and individual drug; and reason for variation
  • Has a full audit trail on charts, progress notes, medications etc
  • Records on the medication chart, and sends email alerts to nominated staff when a new chart is created, the dose of a drug is reduced or a drug is deleted from the patients treatment.


Created by clinicians for clinicians, workflow and functions mimic clinical processes.

Minimum training requirements for users including short term rotation staff, system is clear and easy to navigate.

Allows for spending more time with the patient and less time with the computer.

Rapidly Deployable

Unit/site set up completed rapidly allowing  for fast on site access.

Implementation and site adoption flows seamlessly with quality procedures established to aid in smooth implementations.


Odyssey has struck a critical balance between practical usage and prudent safety controls.

We use eviQ protocols and monitor variations and off protocol use.

Supports international and standardised SNOMED codes.

Draws on Australian Medical Terminology (AMT) throughout for consistency and standardisation


Privacy and confidentiality maintained.

Patient records can be shared in part or full with other clinicians and sites.

Odyssey has sophisticated controls for sharing (or non-sharing) of clinical data.


Odyssey can be integrated with your preferred:

– Patient Administration System (PAS)

– Clinical Information System

– Radiology & Pathology vendors

– Messaging platforms

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