Offering interoperability with other major healthcare IT systems

Odyssey Connect is an integration ‘middleware’ for rapid connectivity of new connectable applications. Odyssey Connect provides a powerful platform to enable integration between any number of medical devices or clinical systems.

Odyssey Connect uses a translator and series of web services to enable communication with almost any health system be it a pathology system, an inpatient hospital system as well as patient billing, or your radiotherapy software.

Odyssey Connect is already in use at over 11 hospitals facilitating integrations with Hospital Administration Systems, Practice Management, Clinical Information Systems, Radiology and Pathology providers.


Extensible Architecture for High-Performance, Scalable, Reliable Data Exchange

Handling High Volumes of Messages – scalability to manage the transformation of a large volume of data

Easily configurable to accept flat file ingestion

Extendible to support new integrations

Powering existing integrations with an ever growing number of vendors including Healthlink, Sonic Healthcare, Laverty, and a growing number of other leading healthcare IT systems

Deliverability Auditing & Processing visibility

Odyssey Connect enables certainty around delivery of messages and maintains a complete audit trail of all messages for improved troubleshooting and diagnostics should data exchange issues arise

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